PRC Community Assessment Results

The Morehouse School of Medicine Prevention Research Center conducted a Community Health needs and Assets Assessment. As a neighborhood resident of Neighborhood Planning, your opinion about the health concerns and resources in your community is important to us. This web page displays the results of the survey for Public viewing.

Q11. Please tell us why the Policy, System or Environment issues are Important to you

260 Total Responses of Important Issues . . . . P9 of P22
because people die NPU 4
With high unemployment and poor education, my neighbors struggle to prioritize healthy activities. NPU 7
Healthcare opens to door better and health and other issues can then be addressed. Poverty prevents us from pursuing a better quality of life NPU 6
Systemic poverty creates additional stress and lack of access to healthy food / lack of health insurance doesn't allow people to get the care and advice they need NPU 5
We need better quality of care NPU 6
Cyclical poverty. Human suffering. Can't prevent negative outcomes for residents without chang systemic issues resulting in negative outcomes. NPU 1
Our currently federal government could care less, our current mayor could care less, we need to demand better. We need a health care system that will put people before pharma. Environmentally in Atlanta, no other part of town would tollerate the pollution we have in our area. NPU 2
food desserts in low income areas not enough neighbor healthcare facilities Should have been #1 would solve everything else NPU 3
Teens and kids need jobs, activities, and a way to make money NPU 1
If more people are educated, employed, healthy and participate in exercising, it would create a happier and less stressful society. NPU 4
Healthy food - because better nutrition is important, less fast food restaurants / Employment an youth employment - people need a living wage to live, feel better about NPU 4
1) Access to Healthy Food: I am Health conscious / 2) Racism: Finding Racism prevalent again. I am CONCERNED / 3) Housing: I am concerned about ALL these boarded up. NPU 4

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