PRC Community Assessment Results

The Morehouse School of Medicine Prevention Research Center conducted a Community Health needs and Assets Assessment. As a neighborhood resident of Neighborhood Planning, your opinion about the health concerns and resources in your community is important to us. This web page displays the results of the survey for Public viewing.

Q9. For each of your top three choices, please tell us why the health Issues are important ?

291 Total Responses of Important Issues . . . . P1 of P22
because my neighborhood is a dumping ground -- full of trash and blight NPU 4
It is challenging to find information about these issues. NPU 7
Women's health so that lives can be saved by early screenings. Obesity education would lead to less heart disease NPU 6
Family history for heart disease and stroke / Women's health because I am a woman NPU 5
Knowledge Is Power NPU 6
Relevant for my lifestyle NPU 1
All of these listed are very important. Many health ailments can be addressed with better nutrition and with the healthcare/insurance/medicaid debocle, people need health education. With environment, we can't trust the City or Government to look out for us. Our streams in Perkerson Park and other parks, etc are polluted. Who knows if our drinking water is safe. Nutrition education is key. NPU 2
previous answers NPU 3
Landfill NPU 1
If we learn more about the above issues and we become more involved we may be able to help eliminate the problems. NPU 4
The same reasons mentioned above. NPU 4
1) Diabetes: Because it is the Number 1 killer of Blacks / 2) Violence Prevention: High crime in our area / 3) Women's Health: So I can pass the word to women NPU 4
High blood pressure is a common issue in our community; Men's health is rarely discussed in our community by men; violence prevention teaches coping and de-escalation skills NPU 7

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