NPU X - Why the Health Issues you chose are Important

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Type 2 Diabetes is at epidemic levels in the Black community. It is preventable and can be reversed. I have Type 1 Diabetes and have no option out of being insulin dependant but Type 2 can be prevented. Environmental problems are all over our area due to Perkins recylcle plant polluting our streams and the excess of car repair and tire shops. Nutritional health education can help the community be educated about healthy options and demand more from the convenient stores and lack of retail options in the area. NPU 2
Cancer just took my husband within 2 months of diagnosis. He was fit & ate good food. I believe environmental issues in my community lends itself to cancer, NPU 2
NUTRITION: Our diets affect almost all the other issues cited. When we learn how to eat more healthily and actually eat more healthily, we can halt most of the adverse conditions listed. People must come to learn and believe that eating better--much more fruits and vegetables and much less prepare/packaged food AND less red meat--will lead to better health. Ill health is not simply "a crap shoot"; It's what we do to ourselves. / OBESITY: Totally linked to nutrition and is the primary effect of bad nutrition and leads to many NPU 2
Atlanta has been seeing a rise in HIV/AIDS, which is a preventable disease! With the knowledge we have of HIV, we should not see any new infections of the disease at all- if people know how to prevent it, we can stop it! / / Environmental health seems largely ignored in public health literature but something that effects my neighborhood- we have many illegal dumping sights here (thankfully most are no longer active thanks to city action) and we have more than one brownfield. I do not believe residents have the knowledge they need about health and these issues. / / Drug abuse is blamed for several crime related problems in our community. I believe we could help solve some of these problems by teaching residents how we can help. NPU 2
Environmental health - lots of cars, trucks, trains, planes generate combustion pollution and particulate matter and we're exposed to this stuff all the time since we're in the city 100% of the time / Mental health - important issue that is often overlooked / nutrition - not a lot of access to organic and fresh foods in our neighborhood / / NPU 2

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