Research Overview

Minority-serving academic health centers such as Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM) are strategically poised to make important scientific contributions that address the devastating problem of racial/ethnic disparities of health in the Unites States. The RCMI Center of Excellence in Clinical and Translational Research will enable MSM investigators to establish the research infrastructure and capacity necessary to pursue discovery science that will translate into improvements in the health status of the minority communities we serve.

Research Center Goals

The long-term goal of the research center is to train the next generation of minority clinical and translational scientists to pursue multidisciplinary approaches to discovery science that translates into the amelioration of health disparities. MSM has experienced tremendous growth and success of its research enterprise over the past decade based on a strategic plan that focuses our talent and resources in discrete areas that will serve the needs of minority communities. This research center builds upon the foundational infrastructure developed with the careful stewardship and investments of RCMI resources over the past decade. Our approach is to further enhance our research capacity in clinical and translational science by building effective partnerships and seeking synergies that leverage the collective strengths of our talented faculty, trainees, students and collaborators.

Research Center Aims

The research center institution-wide organizational framework and key functions are designed to promote transformative changes in our research environment that will enhance our research capacity in clinical/translational science by pursuing the following specific aims

Aim-1: Transform-Our Institution

Establish an organizational framework for conducting clinical/translational research that promotes multidisciplinary approaches to addressing health disparities.

Aim 2: Transform Our Research Environment

Establish a robust research infrastructure and vibrant training environment that fosters innovative, multidisciplinary clinical/translational research.

Aim 3: Transform the Community of Biomedical Scientists - Training the Next Generation

Establish an institution-wide mechanism for recruiting, training and mentoring a critical mass of talented faculty engaged in multidisciplinary clinical/translational research.

Aim 4: Transform Our Community

Establish a community-centered model of clinical/translational research that advances discovery science and translates new knowledge into improvements in the health status of minority communities. Overall, the implementation of these specific aims will enable MSM to fulfill its long-term goal of translating discovery science into community-based solutions that ameliorate health disparities.