NPU Y - Why the Health Issues you chose are Important

45 Total Responses to Why the Health Issues are Important
seems to be on the rise much less educational info than before NPU 3
Longer qualities of life NPU 3
STD's are a huge problem in the city of Atlanta and are not discussed / Diabetes has many causes and causes many problems. / Asthma causes missed school days and that causes more problems NPU 3
Due to the lack of healthy food options in walking distance and our convenience to many fast food options, diabetes and high blood pressure might impact many residents. You can easily walk to the liquor store, Wendy's, or the gas station. In regards to mental health, I think many of our younger residents may suffer from them possibly due to over-crowding apartments and unstable households. These issues are important because I know this community can be better and with the right partners, these issues will be eliminated. NPU 3
'-Young girls need to understand the responsibility that comes along with being a mother / -People need to understand the different types of sexually transmitted diseases there are, and the symptoms that come along with them / -People need to understand the implications of high blood pressure NPU 3
I am over all concerned about the health of women in the community NPU 3
I don't feel like young boys/girls have much access to condoms in the community. Domestic violence is something I see every now and then and would like to see some preventative measures taken. Heart disease impacts many people I assume given the lack of healthy food. NPU 3
Mental health is chronically under addressed. Asthma relates to our deteriorating air quality as our tree cover continues to be cut back. Violence prevention helps all of us. NPU 3
Too many homeless wandering around mentally unstable NPU 3

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