NPU V - Why the Health Issues you chose are Important

45 Total Responses to Why the Health Issues are Important
A Our Black community needs more resources and eduction NPU 1
Mental health influences the choices that result in many of the other listed issues. Violence and pregnancy have more drastic, short term consequences versus diet, nutrition, environmental health, etc. NPU 1
Need to know not taught prevention NPU 1
I have Rheumatoid arthritis NPU 1
The health issues I chose are on the increase in urban settings. They effect everyone in the community not just one particular group. NPU 1
these issues impact persons lives NPU 1
african american accountf or a disproportionately large percentage of those diseases NPU 1
Poor Nutrition leads to obesity which leads to health issues/disease which leads to depression which leads to violence and so on. / Members of the Mechanicsville neighborhood witness a great deal of violence. It is a disease within the community. / Delaying pregnancy is often connected to success in life. NPU 1
They impact my community the most NPU 1
In my community we have a high rate of asthma, substandard housing with mold is an ussue NPU 1
In the Mechanicsville community our kids rate high for asthma, I notice mental health id a factor in the City view Apartment, and women's health is an on going need to be address NPU 1
Impact on community & self. NPU 1
Mental health because so many people are affected but it is rarely discussed. Unaddressed mental health and trauma puts people at risk for everything from losing their job to hurting their families to engaging in unsafe behaviors with sex or drugs. Environmental quality because we could be more vigilant about hazards in our community. Traffic safety because we tolerate the constant engangerment of our children and residents without prioritizing safer streets and drivers. NPU 1

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