PRC Community Assessment Results

The Morehouse School of Medicine Prevention Research Center conducted a Community Health needs and Assets Assessment. As a neighborhood resident of Neighborhood Planning, your opinion about the health concerns and resources in your community is important to us. This web page displays the results of the survey for Public viewing.

Q5. Please tell us why the Health issues Your choices are Important to you . . . . . P1 of P22

323 of 460 Responded, 137 Missing of Your choices are Important to you . . . .
Because my mother died of complications from her weight NPU 4
I believe that my community does not know enough about pollution. Noise pollution especially is pervasive in my neighborhood. NPU 7
I have heart disease. It's the number one killer of women, surpassing cancer. People don't understand that a lot of lifestyle choices can prevent it NPU 6
We have a very diverse community - mental health issues are important because of excessive stress, isolation of elderly / We have lots of young people who engage in unhealthy behaviors regarding alcohol use / We live in a very urban area and pedestrians and bicycles are competing with cars NPU 5
A Our Black community needs more resources and eduction NPU 1
Mental health influences the choices that result in many of the other listed issues. Violence and pregnancy have more drastic, short term consequences versus diet, nutrition, environmental health, etc. NPU 1
Type 2 Diabetes is at epidemic levels in the Black community. It is preventable and can be reversed. I have Type 1 Diabetes and have no option out of being insulin dependant but Type 2 can be prevented. Environmental problems are all over our area due to Perkins recylcle plant polluting our streams and the excess of car repair and tire shops. Nutritional health education can help the community be educated about healthy options and demand more from the convenient stores and lack of retail options in the area. NPU 2
seems to be on the rise much less educational info than before NPU 3
Need to know not taught prevention NPU 1
There are quite a few homes in the neighborhood that sells drugs and it hurting the young, as well as the older people living in the area. When drugs are being sold, there will be a high rate of violence in the area, which bring down the community. The people are more concern with obtaining drugs, than they are about their health or the health and education of their children. They are not concern about how the neighborhood looks, therefore the community starts to look rundown and becomes a blight area. NPU 4

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