Community Physician's Network (CPN)

CPN is an academic community partnership between Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM) and affiliated physicians in the community whose practice includes at least 30% minority patients. Membership is open to physicians of all specialties.

Goal: Bi-Directional Practice Based Solutions to Eliminating Healthcare Disparities

CPN Tools:

  • Disease-specific registries for quality improvement in hypertension and diabetes
  • Deliver Targeted Educational Workshops and Expert Roundtables
  • Facilitate Adoption and Implementation of Personal Health Records.
  • Encourage small and medium size practices in adoption of Electronic Medical Record ( EMR)
  • Assist physicians qualify for the Diabetes Physician Recognition Program (DPRP).
  • Clinical Trials Training and Certification of physicians
  • Participate in Research Workshops organized by Community Engagement and Research Program (CERP). The Community Engagement and Research Program is a component of the Atlanta Clinical Translational Science Institute (ACTSI), a consortium of Emory University, Morehouse School of Medicine, and Georgia Tech.
  • Health 360x is an innovative intervention designed to use accessible health information technologies to support diabetes self-management efforts among a population of primarily African American adults with diabetes who receive care at local private, community/primary care clinics.
  • Access the MSM Health 360x site Click here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • What do I need to know about joining CPN? Click here
  • Where do I register to join CPN?  Click here 
  • Who do I contact?     Debra Teague, Program Manager;  E-mail:  .">.   Phone: (404) 756-5051

Membership Responsibilities:

  • Participate in Quality Improvement (QI) Initiatives
  • Participate in Continuing Medical Education Activities
  • Participate in MSM sponsored clinical research

Benefits of Membership:

  • Membership benefit of Georgia State Medical Association(GSMA) and Atlanta Medical Association(AMA)
  • Membership benefit of the MSM National Alumni Network
  • Continued Medical Education (CME)
  • Training and participation in clinical trials
  • Patient centered health and wellness initiatives
  • Support Adoption of Electronic Health Records
  • Quality reporting for improved reimbursement

MSM Faculty and Staff:

  • Elizabeth Ofili, MD, MPH; FACC, Associate Dean and PI
  • Priscilla Igho-Pemu, MD, MS; Medical Director
  • Alexander Quarshie, MBBS, MS; Director of Clinical Informatics

Advisory Board:

  • Paul Douglass, MD; (Co-Chair)
  • W. Steen James, MD, FAAP; (Co-Chair)
  • Titus Duncan, MD
  • Reverend Darrell Elligan
  • Winston H. Gandy, Jr. MD
  • Warren Hutchinson, MD
  • Lonnie Jenkins, MD
  • Priscilla Johnson, MSN, PhD
  • Arlene Lewis, MD

Hospital Partners:

  • Atlanta Medical Center
  • Grady Hospital
  • St. Joseph's Hosptial
  • South Fulton Medical Center

Organizational Partners:

  • Associatation of Black Cardiologists
  • Atlanta Medical ASssociation
  • Center for Health Transformation
  • Georgia State Medical Association
  • National Medical Association
  • National Medical Association
  • National Minority Quality Form (NMQF)

Academic Partners:

  • Atlanta Clinical and Translational Science Institute


  • The Medtronic Foundation
  • Microsoft
  • National Institute on Minority Helath $ Health Disparities
  • Arbor Pharmaceuticals
  • Center for Health Transformation

CPN Accomplishments:

  • 150 CPN practices and over 300,000 patient visits in metro Atlanta, Macon and Columbus participate in cardiovascular and diabetes quality improvement
  • Over 3000 patients in CPN Hypertension Registry for Quality Improvement
  • CPN doctors are certified in diabetes care
  • 22 CPN practices with EMR or actively considering EMR and data repository
  • 100 patients from CPN practices received tools for self-care/prevention through the Hearts of Humanity Program
  • 120 CPN physicians and clinical coordinators trained in GCP clinical trials Awards
  • Medtronic Foundation; National Center for Minority Health and Health Disparities; Proclamation State of GA for Georgia Diabetes and Obesity Initiative; Exemplary Leadership Award (CHT)


CPN – How Can I Join, and What Do I need to Do?

 CPN Members and Partners 


 MSM  Alumni    MSM Alumni Image          


Hospital Partners  Hospital Partners Image 2                                                                                                                                                                          

Atlanta Medical Center

 Grady Hospital

  St. Joseph's Hosptial

 South Fulton Medical Center

*CPN Eligibility: You are MSM alumnus; your practice has at least 30% patients from underserved groups -African Americans, Hispanic Americans other minority./economically disadvantaged patients; you are a member of GSMA/AMA

*HIPPA Business Associate Agreement

*CPN Demographic Sheet



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How Do I Join CPN?

3 ways to join: 

  • Call Debra Teague, Program Manager (404) 756-5051
  • Click her to Complete CPN Registration
  • Register at a Live CME symposium