Clinical Trials Office


The Clinical Trials Office (CTO) at Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM) is located in the Clinical Research Center and supports researchers and patients by providing centralized management and oversight functions related to the activation and conduct of clinical trials. The purpose of the CTO is to provide an effective and efficient infrastructure to support MSM investigators in developing, implementing, and reporting on all clinical research studies conducted at MSM.

Services include:

Clinical Studies Administration
Regulatory and Compliance Guidance
Data Quality Assurance Services
Study Coordination Services
Specimen Processing and Storage Services
Study Participant Recruitment and Retention Support
Investigational Drug Services
Operational Support Services (i.e., developing policies, standard operating procedures and best practices related to clinical trial activities)

The major functions of the CTO include:

Serve as a central clinical research information repository that facilitates center-wide communications, subject accrual tracking, and monitoring of the progression for all studies from inception to final publication
Assist MSM investigators in the timely activation and administration of studies, including the preparations and communications required for scientific, ethical, financial, and operational reviews as well as ongoing support for annual regulatory reviews
Assist clinicians in recruiting, screening, enrolling, and retaining patients for clinical research studies
Provide education and training about the best practices in conducting clinical studies to staff and faculty involved in clinical research

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Clinical Trials Services
Clinical Operations, Investigational Drug Services, and Laboratory Support Services
Recruitment and Retention Services
Regulatory and Compliance Guidance

For more information, please contact the Clinical Trials Office at . 404-756-5787

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