NPU Z - Why the Health Issues you chose are Important

45 Total Responses to Why the Health Issues are Important
Because my mother died of complications from her weight NPU 4
There are quite a few homes in the neighborhood that sells drugs and it hurting the young, as well as the older people living in the area. When drugs are being sold, there will be a high rate of violence in the area, which bring down the community. The people are more concern with obtaining drugs, than they are about their health or the health and education of their children. They are not concern about how the neighborhood looks, therefore the community starts to look rundown and becomes a blight area. NPU 4
Diabetes is very prevalent in the black community and Diabetes leads to other very serious illnesses. More education on prevention should be made available to help combat this disease. / / Heart Disease affects many women and may not present itself until it's too late. / / Mental Health is very rampart and a lot of people are ashamed to admit when they need help. NPU 4
1) Diabetes: The number 1 problem in the black population / 2) High Blood Pressure: The number 2 problem in the black population / 3) Substance Abuse: It is a DRUG epidemic in the black neighborhood NPU 4
The Community consists primarily of senior citizens. NPU 4
They seem to be more prevalent. NPU 4
Many people in the community have generational high blood pressure and diabetics. Obesity based on lack of exercise and poor nutrition leads to many diseases NPU 4

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