PRC Community Assessment Results

The Morehouse School of Medicine Prevention Research Center conducted a Community Health needs and Assets Assessment. As a neighborhood resident of Neighborhood Planning, your opinion about the health concerns and resources in your community is important to us. This web page displays the results of the survey for Public viewing.

Q17. If other, is your Health Insurance Public or Private ?

Yes No Missing Total
059 051 350 460

Q18. Do you have Supplemental Insurance (i.e.additional insurance like AFLAC ?

Yes No Missing Total
056 278 126 460

Q19. Do you have Primary Care Doctor ?

Yes No Missing Total
247 99 114 460

Q20. Do you participate in any of the following activities to Prevent Poor Health ?

Activities No. of Responses No. of Missing Total
Eat Healthy Foods 210 210 460
Exercises Daily on a regular basis 198 261 460
Receive Annual FLU Shot 127 333 460
See the Dentist for routine Dental Exams 167 293 460
See the Doctor for Annual Physical Exam 211 249 460
Take a Daily Multivitamin or Mineral Supplement 156 304 460
Take Children to receive scheduled shots (Immunization) 000 460 460
Other 024 436 460

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