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I have heart disease. It's the number one killer of women, surpassing cancer. People don't understand that a lot of lifestyle choices can prevent it NPU 6
We have a very diverse community - mental health issues are important because of excessive stress, isolation of elderly / We have lots of young people who engage in unhealthy behaviors regarding alcohol use / We live in a very urban area and pedestrians and bicycles are competing with cars NPU 6
Our Black community needs more resources and eduction NPU 6
These topics are important to me because it's some of the leading cause of death in this area. NPU 6
It seems as though more and more people have asthma. NPU 6
qq NPU 6
Asthma affects too many children. Substance abuse, including alcohol, are too wide spread. Obesity is a sign of public health and private health failures. NPU 6
It’s a predominantly African American community and high blood pressure is a silent killer among our people / Obesity is also another big concern. Obese parents are passing it down to the youth. / There’s a lot of residents with undiagnosed mental health issues. You see them walking down the street talking to themselves. People just view them as crazy and don’t want to deal with them but they need help as well NPU 6
Family history and lack of alternative transportation put me at risk of things like diabetes and heart disease. Also, it's amazing to me that Fulton Co is not smoke free. What is wrong with us??? NPU 6
Mental health is highly misunderstood and leads to social inequality regarding jobs and health insurance. Obesity is prevalent in the areas I work and the lack of grocery stores there is no wonder that it is an issue. Substance abuse is grossly underestimated in its lethality in our city. NPU 6
I chose Mental health because very so often do I see it regarded as a rich person problem. / Men’s health because I know men don’t seek out health problems fast enough. / And nutrition because we’re surrounded by so many unhealthy options NPU 6
Close to family NPU 6

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