NPU T - Why the Health Issues you chose are Important

70 Total Responses to Why the Health Issues are Important
I believe that my community does not know enough about pollution. Noise pollution especially is pervasive in my neighborhood. NPU 7
HIV is on rise in both youth and seniors in my community; poor nutrition is a correctable issue through informing; air/water quality is a mitigating factor in our community health that many are not even remotely aware of NPU 7
Spread of HIV is on the rise in my community. / Men's health is still ignored in my community, machismo, ignorance and limited resources / Substance abuse is a mitigating factor in my community along with the permissive attitude about drug/alcohol use NPU 7
STD because of the high rate here. / Vilonence because of the gun shots. / Mental Health because of the constant oppression. NPU 7
Cancer has been one of our major silent killers...prevention and information on risk factors is essential in my opinion. High Blood Pressure is extremely dangerous and ties in to the poor nutrition that can be cultural in the black community. NPU 7
Violence is a major issue, people need mental health services there is a high homeless group, and people will buy junk food for breakfast in this community - not all but many NPU 7
they kill NPU 7
They are important because they are the three that are most visible in my community. I see a lot of littering a lot of obesity and a lot of kids having children NPU 7
Violence prevention/education could have a positive impact in community, schools. Mental health is so common in the community. Most who suffer rarely leave the community! Men's health could possibly increase employability of many of the men in the community. NPU 7
My neighborhood has a high rate of HV and sexually transmitted diseases which is impacting the stability and development of our young people. In addition, low incomes cause them to neglect their health. NPU 7

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