PRC Community Assessment Results

The Morehouse School of Medicine Prevention Research Center conducted a Community Health needs and Assets Assessment. As a neighborhood resident of Neighborhood Planning, your opinion about the health concerns and resources in your community is important to us. This web page displays the results of the survey for Public viewing.

Q6. What do you think are the Causes/Concerns You Identified ?

319 of 460 Responded, 141 Missing of Causes/Concerns . . . .
lack of access to healthy food NPU 4
The causes are lack of awareness of the problem; lack of options for a change; media images that sanitize the dangers of pollution. NPU 7
Lack of education. Lack of access to affordable organic food. And stress because of poverty and poor quality schools NPU 6
Excessive stress - long commutes / working too hard for too little money / too much traffic and drivers abusing and ignoring pedestrians NPU 5
Lack of Knowing or Resources / Money / Fear NPU 6
Cyclical Poverty- low income, poor access to quality education, jobs and transit. NPU 3
Real Estate red lining, retail discrimination and racism, food industry racism. NPU 2
very poor cooking/eating habits NPU 3
Unknown NPU 1
Lack of education NPU 4
Lack of education and resources available in the black neighborhoods. There's a food dessert of getting healthy and affordable nutritious food. The fear of being accosted and shot by the police and the lack of empathy from other races. The current president and political leaders in power don't seem to care about the least of these. NPU 4
Being black in the surrounding neighborhoods and not being educated about these health issues NPU 4
ignorance, oppression, racial bias and poverty NPU 7

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