The long-term goal of the R-CENTER is to train the next generation of minority clinical and translational scientists to pursue multidisciplinary approaches to discovery science that translate into the amelioration of health disparities. MSM has experienced tremendous growth and success of its research enterprise over the past decade based on a strategic plan that focuses our talent and resources in discrete areas that will serve the needs of minority communities. This R-CENTER builds upon the foundational infrastructure developed with the careful stewardship and investments of RCMI resources over the past decade. Our approach is to further enhance our research capacity in clinical and translational science by building effective partnerships and seeking synergies that leverage the collective strengths of our talented faculty, trainees, students and collaborators. 

Research Resources at the R-Center include:

Reference Resources
A compilation of resources focused on research and publication databases.
Research Databases
Databases from Morehouse School of Medicine for the Community Phyiscian's Network, eHealthyStrides, ACTSI, and Clinical Research.
MSM Core Facilities
Resources pulled from the Morehouse School of Medicine eBIRT Biomedical Interactive Resource Tool.
New Researcher Portal
A compliation of resources and links for users new to the Morehouse School of Medicine research center.
The Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM) Institutional Review Board (IRB) for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research is a standing committee responsible for protecting the rights and welfare of people who are subjects of MSM research activities.

MSM Clinical and Translational Research Information
Clinical and Translational Research (CTR) Retreat