Human Physiology (Cardiovascular Ultrasound & Hemodynamic) Core Laboratory

Core Overview

The Multidisciplinary Clinical Research Center houses a state-of-the art cardiovascular ultrasound imaging and hemodynamic core laboratory, which serves as a key component of the cardiovascular clinical research infrastructure for conducting clinical/patent-oriented (translational) research. This core lab has been reorganized and is now the human performance/physiology core lab. This reorganization consolidates all non-invasive cardiovascular/hemodynamic studies and pulmonary/metabolic function studies under the same core lab.

Goals and Objectives

The purpose of the human performance/physiology lab and its translational research core services in supporting the school's mission is to provide the technical and analytical support for various clinical research projects in which the modalities of cardiovascular ultrasound imaging/hemodynamic and cardiometabolic functions are employed in humans.


Core Lab Director

Prof. Dr. Rigobert Lapu, MD, PhD., Department of Medicine/Cardiology. Phone: 404-752-1966. Email: ..


Clinical research projects using the core lab:

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