Recruitment and Retention Core


The Recruitment and Retention Core provides researchers with reliable and comprehensive ways to recruit patients for their individual protocols through community education and media strategies in malls, offices, churches and/or community affairs.


Community Advisory Board

An integral part of Recruitment and Retention Core is the Community Advisory Board, initiated in January 2002. This group of enthusiastic community leaders became champions of clinical research participation by serving as a link between the public and the CRC. The Board brings forth public perceptions and concerns about health studies, recommendations for addressing such concerns and help with patient education - all of which helps CRC's researchers recruit and retain study participants.

  • Some of the Services Provided
  • Consultation for Development of Successful Patient Recruiting Strategies
  • Community Networking
  • Marketing
  • Hands-on Recruitment/Screening
  • Community Committee Membership Participation
  • Assistance in Database Query for Potential Research Participants