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Nursing Services Provided

The staff members, according to their own scopes of practice, perform the following services in support of clinical trials that are being done by Morehouse School of Medicine faculty:

  •           Preparation of documents and processes prior to the opening of a clinical trial;
  •            Screening of potential research patients;
  •            Participation in the process of the informed consent of a research patient;
  •            Enrollment and follow-up of participating research patients, including physical assessments in accordance with specific study protocols;
  •            Physical assessments including EKG;
  •           Obtaining specimens from research patients, such as blood and urine samples, and preparing them for shipment to various laboratories;
  •           Completion of study data collections forms utilizing a Research Data Capture System(REDCap).
  •     Provide clinical services (blood pressure, hight, weight, screening, etc.) at Community Events.