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Click here for the " Clinical Research Mobile Unit Request Form" 

FAQs about the Mobile Research Unit

What is the mobile research vehicle?

The mobile research vehicle is a 30 ft. self-contained, handicap accessible, mobile research facility that can be used to conduct clinical research.
The vehicle makes it easier for MSM Investigators to include community members in research and reach more diverse populations.
It contains two exam rooms, a laboratory, private areas for patient interviews, restroom, and audio/visual technology for patient education. Onboard equipment includes cardiac monitor, refrigerator and freezer, portable ultrasound, scale and computers with Internet access.

Who can use the vehicle? How can I apply to use it?

Any MSM Investigator who has an IRB and CRC approved study, and has submitted unit application paperwork can use the vehicle. The process to apply for use of the Mobile Research Unit vehicle, as well as policies and procedures, can be retrieved from the R-CENTER web portal.  Click here for the "Mobile Clinical Research Unit Request Form"

Do I need to bring my own supplies?

If your protocol calls for something other than the basic supplies utilized in the center, i.e. syringes, alcohol preps, gauze, etc, you will be responsible to bring those onboard when you are taking your project to the community. BE MINDFUL: please take the supplies off the MRU at the end of the trip secondary to the fact that the minimal storage is for universal standard supplies.

Is there any special I need to know about the unit?

There are three very important items to be cognizant of:
1. There will always be a member of CRC team on board the unit
2. There is a manual of information onboard that each team must review
3. There is an annual fee ascribed for the utilization of the unit for its maintenance
Contact information: Pam Cooper at (404)752-1975